This was a project called "Assemblage of Eternity" comissioned by Succubus Publishing.  My job was to take existing concepts and translate them into digitally sculpted 3D models which could then be turned into physical 3D figurines via spin casting.  You can learn more about it here.  The client has been incredible to work with, and I'm looking forward to seeing this project take off!
Once the original line was produced, we realized that we really wanted certain details to pop more than others in the physical 3D figurines, so I went back and exaggerated the smaller features that had been lost to make sure that the finished figurines conveyed as much detail as possible.
Revised Marika
This is the revised version of the Model Marika
Marika Comparisons
This image shows the comparisons between the original model and the revised one to illustrate the types of details which were exaggerated.
Original Marika Model
Original version prior to exaggerating the details.
Revised Octavius Model
Octavius Comparison sheet
This image shows the differences between the original Octavius model and the revised version with the exaggerated details.
Original Octavius model prior to exaggeration
Revised version of Kamala and creature
Kamala comparison sheet
Original Kamala figurine prior to exaggeration revisions
Revised Ayel figurine
Ayel comparison sheet
While we were already revising the figurines, we decided that we could make Ayel's pose a little more dynamic, so I revised him to reflect the power and stance of his character.
Original Ayel figurine prior to revisions
Revised Ciel
Ciel comparison sheet
Not too many changes needed to be made with her, but smaller details were exaggerated to communicate the desired details in the smaller size of the figurines.