A patch design submitted for use for United States Navy Search and Rescue Pilots.
Created in Adobe Illustrator CS5; Final style and presentation created with Adobe Photoshop CS5
Like many concepts, I began with a simple sketch and idea I pitched to the pilots: anyone who addresses you has to compliment you. By donning the title of “Gentlemen” you have a different approach to a squadron call sign. Many organizations like to lean on more intimidating monikers such as "The Falcons" or "The Vipers." Stay classy, you fine group of sirs!
The group of pilots loved the idea and the initial sketch! The project was underway.
Multiple variations of the mustache were attempted. The pilots agreed that they preferred it extending beyond the constraints of the outer border. The final logo was then merged, and flattened into shapes with defined areas so the company receiving it would need to do little (if any) work on it. Time was critical, as there were multiple pilots leaving for new commands in months, and the process can take that long for creating patches. Any time saved was crucial.
For the final product, I wanted to give the pilots a graphic they could call their own as well (for any publications or print/dgital medium). I submitted this, and they were thrilled with the final outcome. Currently, the patch file has been sent off, and we are waiting for the final product. Stay classy!
Update: The patches made it back from production, and the pilots love them!