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    A magazine spread used for The Newtowne Players 10th Anniversary publication, Vol II.
"Following Country Roads: Memories Linger for NTP Veteran"
A magazine spread designed for The Newtowne Players, a local theater organization, for use in their 10th anniversary publication. Article written by Michelle Ebert Freire.
Photo effects created in Adobe Photoshop CS5; Graphics created with Adobe Illustrator CS5; Final layout created in Adobe InDesign CS5
During the second issue of the local theater publication, I was asked to design another spread for another founding member, Kerry Lee Robinson. I asked for a bit of information regarding Kerry, and designed the spread to reflect his personality.
The paint effect was a bit of trial and error, as I was working with a very low-resolution photo. After a bit of experimenting, I was able to acheive the desired effect. The layout, while eclectic, matched the rest of the design. While looking for inspiration, I decided to break a few of the usual rules of design, but still adhere to one cohesive layout.
We sent the proof off to Kerry himself, and the response was great! He loved the design and the effects. Receiving positive responses from the people included in these articles makes the experience that much more rewarding.