DIME Workshop 2019
Stupendous studio prepared a series of tasks that were both fun & educational. 

Despite being 26 degrees under the sun ☀︎, 22 students decided to take part in the workshop. They were required to use fine art techniques to complete a series of tasks.

Exercises focussed on both individual and collaborative work. They explored the letter form in different ways. An experimental process aimed to unlock the students' creativity.

They mixed shapes, space and techniques. Through different stints, students came up with an impressive amount of work.

On completion, they hung up all their work outside Mérida School of Design. The word DIME was then formed using aleatory works. The result was a collection of styles and forms.

We were amazed by the students' energy and the quality of the output. ❤︎

Check out the fantastic work by the students at dime.stupendous.studio

To see more behind the scenes material follow @stupendous.studio on instagram

DIME Workshop 2019