Araxa dry gin
We've been working closely with the Araxa team designing their brand as they developed the perfect recipe over the last two years.

Araxa is a contemporary London dry gin.

- The ancient art of cultivating super botanicals in the South Aegean.

- The craftsmanship of England's master distillers.

-Every bottle unites these disciplines in perfect harmony. 
Drink responsibly

The Commitment to Sustainable Luxury

Araxa used Organic and water based ink for printing on glass, with organic pigments for colouring.

Organic pigments as opposed to inorganic pigments contain no toxic heavy metals, such as Lead or Chromium and are used when ‘heavy metal free’ prints are required.

Organic pigments cannot be fired in a kiln since they decompose at temperatures above 300ºC. Organic pigments are dispersed in an organic binder which also decomposes above 300ºC. Therefore Organic inks, unlike ceramic inks are more environmental friendly as they are easier recyclable.

Wooden stopper, fully custom made and 100% recyclable. 

Side strip and hand bottling certificate are both made of Fedrigoni paper, bearing the FSC Chain of Custody certification.

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Araxa dry gin