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    I imagine our current culture as an enigmatic artifact to some distant, forgetful future.
Enigma of the Obsolete is a hybrid of contemporary and Mayan forms. With this work I explore how enigmatic our current technology might seem to future archeologists. Even after decades of research and discoveries, the Mayan culture, arguably as complex as our own, is still steeped in mystery. I can't help but to think that our present culture is in jeopardy of becoming a similar blur as our culture is lost in an incomplete narrative of the past. 
Enigma of the Obsolete
Ceramic, iron-oxide patine, worm eaten red oak, glass
I enlarged an experimental, multi-processor circuit board, replacing the processors with Mayan number gyphs. I used both the pictograph and dot-dash forms of numbers. The circuitry was sandblasted though a hand-cut mask.