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Archive of Replication

Archive of Replication illustrates many of the features of our digital record, both in its promise and weakness. There are certain images from history that are indelible due to the fact that each has been copied and replicated over hundreds of thousands or even millions of hard drives and servers. The image's durability comes from redundancy; certainly at least one of the copies will survive into the future. The flaw in the system is its dependence on sensitive hardware that relies on a functioning electrical grid. 
Archive of Replication (installation view)
Mirror (sandblasted through hand-cut mask), poplar, galvanized conduit, LED lights, wiring
12'x7'x8" (each shadowbox approx, 9"x11")
Attack on World Trade Center.
Rosa Parks.
Entrance gate to Auschwitz.
Little Rock desegregation.
Buddhist monk self-immolation in protest of the Viet Nam War.
Russian orphan suffering from gigantism due to Chernobyl fallout.
Rebel fighter in Darfur.
Lunar landing.
Berlin Wall, circa 1948 (seen in perpective and reflected into side mirrors)
Shadowbox interior reflection of terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.
Shadowbox interior reflection of Little Rock desegregation.
Shadowbox interior reflection of Rosa Parks.
Archive of Replication