New era of urban motorcycles. Keep at the stairway - park in the bar - charge at home - drive anywhere. For megacities and old towns. Where there are no networks of fasr chargers and underground parking.

Two quick-detachable battery packs come unfastened like motorcycle trunk and are charged right in the apartment. No gasoline smell and compact dimensions make it possible to store Punch in the stairway next to bicycles and prams.

Electric motor is not a goal, but a means.
The choice of propulsion unit is based solely on technical reasons:
- zero emission makes it possible to drive into the stairway or bar, and not to park outside;

- electric motor elasticity and acceleration capability make it possible to achieve high dynamics with relatively modest power (due to the need to adapt to European legislation among other things);

- gearbox absence makes it possible for motorcycle to follow the throttle grip at any time and every point of motion path.

Born in the streets. Born for the streets.
Punch’s ideology is a modern interpretation of the supermotards concept, kind of motorcycles born on the Parisian streets in 80s. Modest weight, compact dimensions, high ground clearance, spoke wheels, elongated suspension travels. Everything is designed both for aggressive day-time driving in a real city with its traffic jams, edge stones and sidewalks – and for pleasure gained from no fast (limited to 120 km/h for full-power version, 105 km/h for A1 version = 11 kW) driving along empty streets at night time.


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