The Piech Mark Zero 
A car that combines classic sports car features with innovative technologies. 
With the aim of sharpening the focus on the driver and the driving experience as much as possible. 
Not the only good solution in this new and diverse world of mobility, 
but a very special one for all those who appreciate experiences and inspiration, 
sensuousness, substance and authenticity.

"It's all about the balance between simple and complex, modern and classic, soft and hard chaotic and structured. 
The interaction of these contrasts is what creates tension"
Laszlo Varga chief designer at Piech automotive

Piech Automotive has announced itself to the world with an electric sports car,
named the Mark Zero, at the Geneva motor show.

Rea Stark Rajcic - Co-CEO, Founder and Creative Director Piëch Automotive
Laszlo Varga - chief designer at Piech automotive
Vladimir Panchenko - senior CAS modeller
Artem Smirnov -  rim design
Aleksey Shelukho - CG artist
Piech Mark Zero