burn everything and live on
Project phoenix
Our office burned down!

We rented this office for the last 4 years and it has recently burned down. It contained a lot of our personal belongings, including prototypes of our projects. We also lost our computers in fire, and the biggest loss is the hard drives burned out. All our projects were there. Thousands of sketches, 3D models, documents, passwords and a lots of personal information.
At minimum the budget for burned articles amounts is $ 40,000.
Сouple of days before the fire, we found a new office. Unfortunately, we did not have time to move.
We were looking for hard drives under the ashes, hoping that information survived. But the miracle did not happen.
Recently, we have been working on several projects simultaneously. We were planning to share those this year. All we have now are fragments of our things that we could find.
I know that many creative people faced information loss at least once in their lives. I hope the Phoenix project will become a collective example for everyone who faced the loss of all information they have been working on for many years. 
From the things that have been in the fire, we have assembled into a unique NFT collection.
Our hard drives, video cards, memory slots, power supplies, motherboards.
Things that survived to one degree or another
Forever lost terabytes of data
Our lot 47 was just sold! Whoever you are - Thank you!
You can view all the lots here