Thinking back on the year I realized that the things I appreciated the most and that made the strongest impact on my conscious self where thoughts and observations coming from my fresh life independent of educational entities guiding my progress and it’s entanglement with the emotional and social consequences of communicational action, both empathic and self-absorbed.

    The modern up-and-coming designer is a product of an economic environment that is creating a slow drifting-apart of the practice of design and the human factors that create a voice behind true authorship. Through market-oriented education, quantitative over qualitative validation and "cloud-relations" with other people in our networks we are forgetting that to design, in a general sense, is to, actually, be very human.

    Realising this, I remembered the project “Things I have Learned” Stefan Sagmeister created a few years back and decided to prepare an experimental set of posters (one of my favorite mediums) that would illustrate, with a simple use of type and space, the basic associative qualities of my thoughts and realisations and how I see and visualize them on a conceptual level.
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  • The posters.
  • With Brandon Grotesque by Hannes von Döhren
  • With Stratum by Eric Olson
  • With Klavika by Eric Olson
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  • With FF Din by Albert Jan-Pool
  • With Helvetica by Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffmann
  • With Didot by the Didot family, updated by Adrian Frutiger
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  • With Pluto by Hannes von Döhren
  • With Fedra Mono by Peter Bi'lak
  • With Futura Condensed by Paul Renner
  • With Neutra by Christian Schwartz
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  • The printed materials.
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  • The making of.
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  • I would like to thanks Mr. Sagmeister for the kind words with which he replied when I sent him the project images :)