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Some Other New Year provides an artistic perspective on the passing of time and introduces a discourse on personal motifs and recollections connected with moments in life. Through the exhibition and accompanying calendar Corporeal Geometrics curates a visual narrative told through twenty four temporal impressions from Croating and Serbian artists.
The pieces and calendar were screen printed in three inks: Fluorescent Pink, Metallic Gold and Metallic silver by our partners from the Croatian Screen Printers Association. There are two sets, each encompassing a different collection of artists.
Each month is presented with an accompanying impression by one of the artists. Underneath the artwork sheet, printed on 300gsm Munken Print Cream, the context is presented with a short text set on the same page with the monthly numerals.
Twenty four arists were invited to participate and create their visual and textual impressions of time, housed in its conventional container — months. Following are all twenty four.
The exhibition was held at the Kula Lotrščak Gallery, a part of the Klovićevi Dvori Gallery, one of the premier galleries in Zagreb.