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  • Mr. Right's coming....

  • ... I'm an adventurer, looking for treasure
    See the Road here...
  • Gone with the Hope
    Personal illustration & typography
  • Darah
    personal illustration & typography
    There is a road to the heart that does not go through the intelect.
  • The Portal
    The person doesn't choose the portal, the portal chooses him

  • Goodbye,my love
    Life.. Your whole life is changes.
    You go through changes in your life.
    One second, you got it made.
    Next second you're down in the dumps.
    And it goes back and forth throughout your whole life.
    One second you got the most beautiful girl in the world,
    Next second you don't even have a girlfriend no more.
    And it goes back and forth and back and forth, you know?
    And this is life, man, it's changes.
    This is what you gotta go through throughout your whole lifetime."
    I'm going through changes
    "And it goes back and forth and back and forth, you know?"
  •     The time is now

    ' Whats the time? ' said the Light.
    ' It doesn't matter...I don't EXIST.' answer the Time.  

    I'M YOUR TIME!!!


  • Sometimes you have to reach to the bottom to jump up to the top and REBIRTH!

    From the darkest places of  humans origin essence is born the conception of the phoenix ... we all seek in us our phoenix , but the divine providence is in that the phoenix hase no physical exhibition, it is  matter of choice -  choice to realize and accept that you are absolute as you are - then hollow turn to height , darkness become light ....said my deep chat friend Ivaylo.


  • Stay
    Sometimes you have to take the wrong way,cause it's you,cause it's your DESTINY...

  • My world
    And let the happyness will not be easy!we need a happyness in battle born!no bigger than the human heart,no smaller then the Universe...

    if someone find this image too dark,i want to say:if there was only light we will be blind!
    my world is full of light,but if i didn't knew the dark,i couldn't live it with so much passion!with so much love!
    It's always darkest before dawn. So if you're going to steal the
    neighbor's newspaper, that's the time to do it.
  • Plug in
    Do you want to plug in the big killing mind machine?i don't want to be closed in frames,i want to be free in my thoughts and actions!and nobody has the rights to tell me what to do!there is a bigger forces that will judge me!fuck manipulation,just be you,JUST LIVE!!!

  • Set me free

    Don't let anyone disturbs you on your way to the freedom!

  • No great intelect has been without a touch of madness
    love like a child,dream like a bird!!!
    even in the Universe limits don't exist,so don't close your world with fences!free the madness and see  your inside flame rising!
    I love he maddness!Our love is behind,between the lock and load!And i was so blind i couldn't see!now i know....
  • Your life is in your hands
    You are the one who choose how to liveit!choose your way and take a drive on it,and see the results!there isno wrong way,its your way!

  • Frida's poem
  • Safe in mind
    "Someone's found a way
    I see the moon
    The moon sees
    All i do
    Is twist in the breeze
    Someone's found a way
    To break into my mind
    Life's a gun that's always pointing
    Life's a gun that's pointing in my face
    "I like the night. The street. The smells. The sense.. Of another world."
    "Sometimes you come face to face with yourself."

  • Ganja Meditation

    Higher State Of Consciousness...
    Have you ever saw better Porno than your life?