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Fertility // Purgatorial + TUTORIAL

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  • Fertility // Purgatorial
    from birth to death
  • Some Photoshop project I did, for long time no illustration, mostly done in PS.
    It's the contrast of birth and dead. No more to say.
    If you are interested in wallpaper sizes/resolution, just write in the comment box or contact me!

    The inspiration for this image came from different influences, but mainly from Michelangelo’s famous Adam-painting in the roof of Sistine Chapel. So, basically his hand and the position of it was what I wanted to usw.
    1. Starting black canvas, choose the right aspect and start with a starfield. You can make these yourself but that’s not part of the tutorial, just search google or deviantart for “starfield” and Adjust it to your canvas.
    • Add some more starfields and Nebula, which you can also find on google or in thematic packs on deviantart. Set their Layer-Mode to linear dodge. Adjust them a bit to make them become brighter ( personal adjusting )
    • Add the moon to give it a more space-like atmosphere (or any other similar planet / asteroids)
    • Now the real work: take a picture of a hand to use it as your template or model, whatever. (Needn’t to be that perfect one cause its not visible in the end.)
    •  You take several stocks of watersplashes which you will also find on the web. If you want good quality, you have to look at shutterstock and comparable sites like I did. Now, you set the layer-mode of the splashes you use to linear dodge (if the splash-stock is on a black Background). If its not the case, you have to work it out your own way (for example in case that the splash is on a white background, invert it via STRG+I and then recolor it with STRG+U and drag the top controller to the very right.)
    • Use the “Liquify” filter to give the splashes the right form if they doesn’t fit well. So you can adjust them to the hand.
    1. Continue adding splashes and look that you don’t suit them 100 % to the form of the hand so it still looks realistic like water.
    • Add more splashes. By doing this, it’s really important that you not just fill out the form of the hand, but keep the structure of the hand with fingers, highs and depths. Like in the picture, every single finger has new splashes which does not slide over to the ones of the hands back or the thenar. Keep structure to make it look realistic!
    • Continue adding splashes. If you reduce the opacity of the original hand image, you’ll see that there’s slowly something hand-like coming out of all the splash stocks.
    •  If you’re ok with this, blend out the hand image and look what all your splashes look like now.
    •  Now you can correct yourself with small drops or more tiny splashes to make it look more dense.
    • If you’re ok with that, too, take photoshops soft brush and paint on a new layer with a white brush all over the form of the hand. It hasn’t to be that exactly but should fill most of the hand.
    • duplicate that white-painted layer and set both to an opacity of 70 % and set the layer-mode to “Soft light”. That will also make it look more dense.
    • Now I added a simple splash to the opposite side of the canvas which will be something like a branch to hang the apple on.
    • Add the apple stock (which I also found on shutterstock) on linear dodge
    • Darken the area behind the apple with a soft-brush painting with black on a new layer that must be under the apple-layer.
    • Add the baby between the darkened layer and the apple layer. Also add some bubbles from different surface-stocks.
    • Add final splashes that make it look like the hand just touched the apple (and so gave birth to the life of the child) again by using them with layer-mode on linear dodge.
    • Add more Nebulas now, you can also use fractals, everything you think that fits. Add it to the forearm and also to the branch. Additional to this, darken the area behind the moon.
    • Now, we will give it some color by adding a gradient map from #005fd4 to #ffbdfb
    • Add more fractals to places that fit well and also look at the colour, I took red ones to stress the accent of the red rose lying on the baby’s back.
    • Add some more fractals. Also use big fractal stocks, blur the with Gaussian blur and lay them with low opacity all over the picture to add a bit of colour difference.
    • Vary with the opacity of the white hand layers from step 13 until it looks good. Also add and play with a saturation-adjustment layer to give it not such a powerful color.
    • OPTIONAL: Add some white wireframes ( you can take stocks from the internet or create them on your own in Illustrator) and set their layer-mode to linear dodge, too.
    • Finally done! Add a black to white gradient map and set its layer-mode to luminosity to add a bit harder contrast. If you want, you can also do some final color corrections and stuff like that, add a title like I did in the bottom right corner. But that’s your personal choice.
  • This is a tutorial between easy and advanced skills. You haven't to be that master-class photoshopper to do this. Hope it will help you!