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Vallée Duhamel is a studio founded by Julien Vallée and Eve Duhamel. It specializes in high quality lo-fi video, visuals, and installations, favouring a playful and experimental approach toward work.
Apple, Google, Lacoste, Hermès Paris, Nokia, Coca-Cola, MTV, Swatch, Nikita Clothing, AOL, Computer Arts, Gestalten, KIA, OFFF Festival, Verizon, Automaton Snowboards, IdN, C2-MTL, The New York Times.
2013, Gold Award, Launch video, GRAPHEX Awards
2013, Honorable Mention, Misteur Valaire, GRAPHEX Awards
2013, Grand Prize, Reasons to be creative video, Grafika Awards
2013, Prize, Misteur Valaire, Grafika Awards
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