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Sleeklens is a company dedicated to the production of tools for photographers, focused on Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. With a great interest in sharing knowledge and the expansion of the photographic community, also sponsor communities of users of Adobe Lightroom in English, Spanish and Portuguese
Constant advances in technology without a doubt have affected our daily lives - from televisions, computers, means of transport, etc. And there is no surprise when we accept the fact that photography world was one of the main victims of such phenomenon.

Not so long ago, the work of a photographer was an almost my… Read More
Constant advances in technology without a doubt have affected our daily lives - from televisions, computers, means of transport, etc. And there is no surprise when we accept the fact that photography world was one of the main victims of such phenomenon.

Not so long ago, the work of a photographer was an almost mystical; where the quality of the work accomplished depended on about an 80% in the ability of the photographer had for taking advantage of its equipment and 20% in the quality of the post processing material to be used. Today, advances in technology allow us to work with amazing flexibility - since you don't need to worry about changing photographic, film, digital cameras allow us to capture hundreds of picture and store them without wasting time or risking the pictures already taken.

With all these advances also emerged alternative solutions: from compact cameras, designed for those who decide to dabble in photography without the need for an investment as large as it would be to buy a professional camera, to smartphones and the 'selfies' world, a trend that came to stay within the new generations.

We can ask ourselves then: what is the role of the contemporary photographer?. We could fall into the easy answer to say that it is mostly to capture photography professionally... In our opinion, this is a too flat response. A photographer is not one who merely accumulates knowledge of composition, lighting, etc.; anyone can learn from that and become a so called 'photographer'. A photographer is actually someone who has enough sensitivity to combine knowledge and skills for framing memories for a lifetime; the one whose work inspires its viewers, making them part of these scenes. One who knows that creativity and photography go hand in hand, and that photography is not simply grab a good camera and lens kit - is to see life through the lens, express its art through a camera.

In Sleeklens we have thought about what the contemporary photographer needs, and all of this boils down to this simple phrase: post photographic production. By being contemporary photography such a demanding, many fall into the false idea that with tools such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom you can "become" photographers in a couple of hours; We believe that we are all capable of becoming photographers if we have that spark of curiosity to see the world in a different way, by contemplating the small details that can be found on a daily basis; find beauty in the most unexpected situations. For all that and more, Sleeklens decided to go a step further in the industry and to engage in the production of tools for photographers.

How many times we return home frustrated because the settings we used were not correct and the pictures are lifeless, with exposure problems or even washed? If one is a beginner, such a situation can become a major obstacle to overcome, but let us say that there is a light at the end of the tunnel - post photographic production.

Software such as Adobe Lightroom are specifically designed to improve the quality of the photographers work. Within it, it is possible to correct exposure, improve the intensity of tints, and enhance details... An infinite number of options that will depend on what you intend for your photo to be. And what if I tell you that such adjustments were already ready to apply with just a couple of clicks of your mouse?

Everything is possible with Lightroom presets! Photographs can get back to life and transform from simple images to masterpieces - changing tones, adjust lighting conditions and even change the atmosphere that our photograph inspire in those who watch it. Do you have a photograph of a semi-stormy day and think that the job is ruined? There is no problem; with Lightroom, you can simulate lighting conditions as if you had taken this photograph on a bright sunny day. Would you like to take an authentic winter scene? With Lightroom presets you can quickly transform a common snowy photo in an image that just by seeing it makes you say: winter! - With Lightroom presets you can give life to your images while having fun in the process.

And what about Lightroom brushes? Why are they so special? Well, imagine that you are editing a portrait: you have to embellish lips, give more shade to your eyes, whiten teeth, etc. The major drawback of the presets is affecting the image entirely, so there must be a tool that allows selective adjustments with the same versatility afforded by the presets. And so it is! Using brushes of Lightroom you can have that enormous creative capacity afforded by the presets and use it wherever you want - now there is no excuse for not improving the quality of the work we do.

But what if it is the first time that you open Lightroom and barely understand that has several modules, you can store photos... In short, that you are learning to use the program. That is not a problem! Sleeklens products are designed for all users, regardless of their skill level. You only need to relax and let the creativity flow, tools will do the work for you in just a few seconds.

If Lightroom doesn't seem to convince you, or you think that Photoshop is still the answer to your needs that is not a problem. Inspired by our Lightroom product line, we decided to reinvent the Photoshop Actions to get authentic workflows in Photoshop. Give life to your photos in seconds with easy-to-apply actions, and best of all - they won't permanently alter your work.

All of our tools are designed to work in non-destructive mode, retaining the original image intact in case the achieved effect is not what we expected. They are stackable, which means that the settings will not be cancelled if we add another preset/brush or action, depending on the program that we use to process our images.

The contemporary photographer has no excuses to say that his work is not first rate - enter the world of professional photography in an easy, efficient, and friendly manner. Access to the world of photography learning with our communities of support for users, where you can not only find an answer to your questions, but also to discover an infinite number of effects to apply to your photos. Enjoy this wonderful world of creativity and passion for your work - discover the world of Sleeklens. Read Less
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