Drone Show Creative Engineer


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Creating and programming on the drone show choreography (path planning and LED effect) from discussing the storyboard with client to programming the trajectory of drone formation. And execute drone show in the real sky as an operator. 

・Produce the design and animation of the choreography of drone show with creative, imaginative and lateral thinking.

・Create drone show animation with 3D software (3DS max, blender,...), considering the speed/acceleration limits of drones

・Design, refinement and validate of the trajectories of drones

・Operate drone show on site.

・Deliver the project design on time to clients, especially in very tight deadlines.

・ Good team works spirit in and communicate with clients remotely.

・Have a startup venue spirit and strong interest in drones industry! (no need

to have UAV knowledge)

・Must be willing to travel overseas to deliver the project or for training. 


 ・Polytechnic diploma holders/bachelor degree holders in computer science, computer programming

・Basic knowledge of computer-based 3D software and AutoCAD, like 3DS max, blender, etc.

・Python knowledge is a plus.

・UNITY knowledge is a plus.

・Self-learning capability is required

・To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to work with people from artistic and entertainment background to create the contents that clearly conveys what they are describing. 

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