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Storyboard Artist for YouTube Channel

Hello! My name is Ryan, and I run the "SagaTheYoungin" Youtube Channel:


I am looking for a few Storyboard Artists to help come up with original scene ideas based upon a written script that I give you. 

To Apply:  Please email me some example storyboards you have done to with "Storyboard Artist" in the subject line. I will get back to you by email!


This type of work is freelance, and I will have a slow but steady stream of storyboards over a long period of time. 




  • Strong drawing skills with a demonstrated sense of storytelling, staging, composition, and character acting
  • Be comfortable with developing concepts and storyboards.
  • Able to translate the abstract to something solid
  • Knowledge of anatomy, perspective, and composition
  • Ability to explore ways of representing ideas in a visual form
  • Ability to create a visual storyline that can add a newer layer of life to the video/story
  • Proficient english reading and speaking skills


  • Ensure style of the channel is consistently achieved in storyboard work
  • Design/ illustrate concepts through sketches
  • Create storyboard sketches based on a completed script for a video
  • Story Artists translate an idea and turn it into visuals that convey all facets of the overall direction of the YouTube video, including emotion, humor, and action
  • Here is a guide sheet with a more in depth-explanation of the job:

Example Storyboards: 

  •  See videos on the YouTube channel for style references



  • I will be paying you based on word count of the script. The regular rate will be $30 USD for around 16-18 boards (depending on specific script) per 800 words. For example, if I send you a 400 word section of a script, I will expect 8-9 boards and pay a rate of $15.
  • Most Scripts will be between 2000 and 4000 words, and I will be sending sections of the script to storyboard in 800 word sections....storyboard pay will always be pro-rated based on word count

A 4,000 word script will pay $150 USD to fully storyboard, and 2,000 word script $75 USD

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