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After Effects Compositor & Motion Designer

What we absolutely expect from you

  • Good aesthetic eye and attention to detail
  • At least three years of experience
  • Fast (typical project should take about 1-3 days)
  • Well organized workflow
  • Good with technology
  • Ability to realistically evaluate and deliver on deadline
  • Ability to understand and execute on written instructions
  • Availability to execute both small projects (resize, recompress content, change a logo, etc.) and complex compositions.
  • Interested in new technologies, open to challenges, and work well in a team.
  • Availability to travel in the US and internationally.

What we'd love to see, now or in the immediate future

  • Video Editing Skills (Premiere)
  • Create content presentation decks for clients
  • Ability to present well the creative concepts
  • Passion for entertainment, theater, and show business
  • 3D Software Experience (3D Studio Max, Cinema 4D)
  • Unreal Engine Experience
  • Basic Knowledge of programming media servers (Disguise D3, Pixera, etc.)
  • Good eye for photography

What we offer

  • A consistent flow of work
  • Fair compensation, project-based
  • Working with great professionals on interesting projects
  • Amazing opportunity to learn with exposure to the world of entertainment production, show business, and cruising
  • Travel opportunities - domestic, international, cruising

What we don't offer

  • A physical office or relocating package
  • Health, pension benefits
  • Equipment or software

How can you start

  1. Show us what you've done, specifically cool projects you can share. We'll have specific questions, creatively and technically. Send to
  2. Give us a sense of your pricing. We need a few examples of projects and how much you estimate the costs, plus your hourly rate.
  3. Take a stab at a real active project we have in the production pipeline. We will be sure to provide a full brief. We'll need an estimate on it once you understand the brief. If we use any of your work on this project, we'll pay you for the work completed, even if you don't get hired. If we can't use any of it, we won't pay because we consider this a test project to see your capabilities.

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Miami, FL, USA

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