• This interactive web site was created to promote "the MunNY exhibit" 2010. This event was held as a part of New York Design Week and featured 23 different industrial designers/artists from NYC and their interpretations of KidRobot's vinyl toy, MUNNY. Each piece was auctioned to benefit the Robin Hood Foundation.  

    The concept was intended to provide a window into the world in which each designer finds inspiration, and then experience the output of that inspiration in the finished piece. What does the designer choose to surround themselves with? What is their own space like? What do they have to say about their approach to projects/this project? And finally, what was their execution for this unique exhibition?

    Documentary videos and photos supplement the rich photographic content of the designer's studios and finished MUNNIES. Users can spin each MUNNY 360º, both with . Users can read each designer's artist statement, review their materials used, and download wallpapers of their favorite executions.

    Joe Doucet  joedoucet.com
    Profero NY  profero.com
    James Douglas  jdshields.com
    : [+] Factory  web.plusfactory.net
    Breakfast  breakfastny.com


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  • space
  •  Sebastian Errazuriz's studio
  •  David Weeks's studio
  •  Vladimir Kagan's MUNNY: "Hildegard" inspired by his mother's wedding, and her Flapper lifestyle.
  •  Todd Bracher's MUNNY: "Designed by New York City" was created by dragging the MUNNY from one tip of Manhattan to the other behind a bike.
  •  Richard Shemtov's MUNNY: "Remy" is a luxurious execution covered in shagreen, a rare material made from the skin of Sting Rays.
  •  Matthew Bradshaw & Sergio Silva's MUNNY: "Play" is composed of only string stiffened into the form of the MUNNY.
  •  Dror Benshetrit's MUNNY: "Axis" was made by extracting the circular form of the MUNNY's head, and developing a see saw by rounding the feet of the MUNNY for easy rocking back and forth.
  • Marcus Tremonto's MUNNY: "Sir Sylin B'Dedly" This MUNNY's plume actually lights up, which you can see at http://www.munnyexhibit.com
  •  3D 360º spin of Marcus Tremonto's MUNNY: "Sir Sylin B'Dedly"
  •  Artist Statement for Lindsey Adleman's MUNNY: "Horror Vacui MUNNY"
  •  Downloads Section for Lindsey Adleman's MUNNY: "Horror Vacui MUNNY"
  • Videos
  • Unpacking the $200 hero MUNNY that would be featured in the site's photography.
  • Video from the party itself, with all of the MUNNYs in the same place for the first and last time.