AXE Excite: Even Angels Will Fall, The 8-bit Video Game
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    At Razorfish, we created a bespoke 8-bit style video game to launch AXE's newest scent, Excite, in the U.S.
The 8-bit Video Game

In 2011, AXE was launching their newest scent, "Excite." They had already seeded the video of angels falling to earth as a result of guys using the new fragrance. Our job was to make that concept come to life online.

Our solution involved tapping into guy's interest in retro-style video games, by creating our own 8-bit game that could be played anywhere: in a banner, on Facebook, microsites, etc.

To bring the idea to life, we worked with Doctor Octoroc—creator of 8-bit Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Game and the Mad Men 8-bit YouTube Game. Together, we concepted the gameplay, while he created approximately 250 animation sprites, 4 feature storyline panels, and an original score.

The result was a game that was not only fun to play, but true to the medium. AXE fans responded with interaction rates that were double Internet standards. As a reward for their interaction, players were able to unlock up to three different AXE Excite wallpapers featuring the angels from the video campaign.
Creative Director: John Antoniello
Copywriter/ACD: Jennifer Shreve
Art Director: Ben Thoma
8-bit Artwork: Doctor Octoroc
8-bit Soundtrack: Doctor Octoroc
Production: ClickFire Media
Introduction Screens
Game Play Screens
Animation Sprites Samples
Original 8-bit Soundtrack