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  • Website for an ophthalmic congress.
    No payment gateway in this first stage and for the first event, only online registration with automatic pdf-list generation for the administration.
    Next step is the autogeneration of certificates and download area for event-related documents.
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  • Frontpage
  • Venue
  • Scientific programm table
  • Registration form.
    Price is printed on the left hand side. Doctors in training do not have to pay for this event. so they are given a checkbox in the registration form. This will be checked at the on-site registration at the venue.
    below there's the login form for allready registered user. after login this changes to the user menu.
  • Registration Error.
    User gets notified if data isn't correct or if the name/email combination is allready in the database.
  • Successfull registration.
    User gets an Email with all relevant information (credentials, payment issues, dates) and administrator will be notified via mail.
  • After login, a usermenu is shown at place of the former login-form.
    User can now access all internal functions, such as printing his voucher for the event.
  • For administrators, there's a short list with all registered users with mail addresses and if they are in training or not.
    Also there's shown the number of all registered user.
    Above there's a button for printing the list as PDF for the on-site administration at venue.
  • First page of registant list.
  • List of registered users.
    Checkboxes for attendence and payment are given for the on-site registration staff.
  • Imprint