• I like the idea of Instagrams
    They remind me of when I would shoot Polaroid SX-70's and hand- manipulate them with a Biro pen  - only without the effort.
    They are especially good for passing the time while traveling - or visiting friends - no pressure - just fun with photography and taking images which you would not normally take.
  • Batcat
  • Bill Scott aged 95
  • Singapore
  • Maxi disguised as a rabbit
  • Vigo Yacht club - This amazing building was opposite the hotel I was staying in while making a short film project in Vigo - taken during a walk/welcome break from filming/downloading/editing/etc which one has to do during a commercial project.
  • I often travel for 6 hours on a train to Edinburgh - You get a different view from a train and I spent this journey simply pointing the phone out of the window and pressing the button
  • Older gent in pub in Edinburgh at Xmas
  • Gizmo in front of the fire at Xmas
  • Madrid Airport
  • This is my first Instagram taken from my couch.
  • Gizmo - a very special Arabian Mau cat rescued from the streets of Dubai - now living in Wiltshire
  • And train again
  • View from the couch
  • Checking e-mails in the lounge of the AC Marriot
  • Back in Edinburgh and a quick snap of  a candlestick which I made with my colleague Paul who managed to liberate these bits of metal from a skip in an engineering company where he was doing a job - this is much more fun.
  • This is my friend Calum's lounge - my favourite place to stay while in Edinburgh - it is full of all sorts of interesting art and books - the picture on the right is a still taken from one of his priceless treasures - an early experimental film made by Thomas Edison at the birth of the American Cinema.
  • A different version - when this was taken, Calum was strongly suggesting that I buy a Leica.
    I have since decided to buy a Fuji X100s and ditch my DSLR's
    This scene will be re-visited
  • Gizmo at Xmas
  • Breakfast
  • More dog
  • And again
  • Welcome to Bath
  • Mr McDonald
  • Maxi
  • Another one from the train
  • More dog