Wilderquest iPad App 2012

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    Wilderquest is an iPad app for kids I designed with Nomad Agency for the NSW National Parks & Wildlife Society. My role was to create the virtual environments and all UI/game design throughout the app. Software was developed by Nomad.
    "Nomad harnessed discovery elements through an immersive 360 degree virtual environment that encourages kids to observe and discover the nature around them by holding the iPad like a camera.  Panning reveals more of the environment, 3D rainforest audio and hidden native animals. Users are encouraged to collect animals by taking pictures & earn points by unlocking animals.  Users can then open the animals page to reveal rich content as well as maps of the local national parks the animal lives in and extra park info. The whole gaming process takes kids from a playful interaction to an educational experience and a gateway to actual national parks to extend the experience, engaging children with nature."
    The Wilderquest iPad app took out 'Best of the Best' at the 2013 AIMIA awards as well as 6 other categories, was featured by Apple as app of the week in the app store and reached #1 in it's category with a 4 ½ out of 5 star rating.