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    EEG controlled interactive projection game for the 2013 Beams Festival.

Brain Battle was a projected interactive installation at the 2013 Beams Festival, where two participants used bio-feedback headbands to measure the electrical impulses generated by their brains. Using hand-illustrated cartoon graphics of brains and landscapes from around Chippendale, this installation worked as a Street Fighter inspired game where the competitors needed to concentrate in order to battle their opponents in the allotted time. To help players concentrate during the game, simple math and item listing questions would popup. Another attacking feature we added was the ability to fire lasers out of the brain's eyes, which triggered when you blink.
Software was developed in C++/Openframeworks, including two instances of my Open Source 'BrainwaveOSC' application- https://github.com/trentbrooks/BrainWaveOSC. The EEG headsets are MyndPlay BrainBand's- http://myndplay.com/products.php?prod=7.
Trent Brooks - Software development & interaction design
Indi Hanlee - Design, illustration & animation
Andrew Barrie - Sound