• Design a What's On Guide which can be prized on a boring day.
  • With this brief I started by looking into how people come across leaflets and promotional products when they are looking for a good day out. I was highly inspired by the idea of a fridge guide and having everything that could attract a customer to the place in question. Advertising something as simple as 'Doughnut Week' could bring down the public to a fablous day out with the Krispy Creme and The don't lick your lips challenge. I feel it is imperitive in this day and age to captialize on the little things in life which bring some much reward. 
    The design of this leaflet is very bold, bright and an apealing aeshetic. I wanted to make the this piece as with a user friendly as possible keeping the typography and layout as refined and simply as could be. The layout is simple fluid with the amount of other projects we could add or take away. 
    I hope you enjoy & perhaps pay a visit.