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Labels - brazillian craftbeer
For those who prefer all sinister´s villain sarcastic laughs as the whispers of sweet little girls more beautiful and vulnerable. Uninhibited, strong, hedonistic, transgressive and free.
Vilã Dark Strong Ale Malévola - 9% alc.
Vilã Stout Perpétua - 10% alc.
Vilã Porter Baronesa - 6% alc.
Vilã Amber Ale Miranda Priestly - 6% alc.
Vilã Weizenbock Satine - 7% alc.
Vilã ESB Odete Roitman - 5% alc.
Vilã Tripel TArgaryen - 9% alc.
Vilã Kölsch Nazaré Tedesco - 5% alc.
Vilã Belgian Blond Catherine Tramell - 7% alc.
Brazillian craftbeer - @cervejavila (twitter) - (facebook fan page)