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    package project for a brazilian craftbeer
Brazilian homebeer from Belo Horizonte - MG
Medieval + traditional + Belo Horizonte
Belo Horizonte (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˌbɛloɾiˈzõtʃi],[1] Beautiful Horizon) is the capital and largest city in the state of Minas Gerais, located in thesoutheastern region of the Brazil. It is the focal point of the third largest metropolitan area in the country. Belo Horizonte (short names: "Belô", "Beagá", or "BH") has a population of 2,475,440 inhabitants (2010) in the city and a total of 5,497,922 inhabitants in the official Metropolitan Area(2010).

 In planning the city, Aarão Reis and Francisco Bicalho sought inspiration in the urban planning of Washington, D.C.
The city is built on several hills and is completely surrounded by mountains.[3] There are several large parks in the immediate surroundings of Belo Horizonte. The Mangabeiras Park (Parque das Mangabeiras), located 6 km south-east from the city centre in the hills of Curral Ridge (Serra do Curral), has a very broad view of the city. It has an area of 2.35 km2 (580 acres), of which 0.9 km2 (220 acres) is covered by the native forest.

 Praça da Liberdade (Liberty Square). Praça Raul Soares (Raul Soares Square), Serra do Curral (Curral Ridge) and planning the city map.

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Arthur Dias, Artus's homebrewer.