Vanilla Sky

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  • Vanilla Sky is about an emotional experience of journey to another side of the world, a series of
    images of a dream come true. A courage to step aside of a comfort and willing to encounter new
    experiences out of a regular life, in order to find the self and be free. A journey that somehow
    surreal, but now it’s there to be experienced for the very first time.
  • Inspiration
    Inspired by images of the skies and scenic views of the journey evoke a strong emotional experience. Blank spaces in the artwork show that this person knows very little therefore they’re in need to be filled by experiences.
  • Wander
    Arriving in a very strange and different place on her own evokes a bleak and cold images brought by the loneliness and the fear of getting lost.
  • Jump
    A big leap is needed rather than just stay still and wander. it is to jump bravely and be fearless.
  • Observe
    Observing the surroundings to survive in the community.
  • Dive
    Swim and dive as far and deep as she can, because the sea is so big and resourceful.
  • Love
    To find love is what the journey is all about. Love is the beginning to start everything and what makes human keeps on going with life. 
  • Result
    The images were shot into the wall by projectors to create a big space and dramatic ambient.