University + 3rd Avenue Apartments

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  • This historic structure was once a Fraternity house, that University Apartments renovated into 4 multi-bedroom residential units. Situated in the Historic West University Neighborhood of Tucson, Arizona, much attention had to be paid to preserving the exterior and the replacement of rear 2-story deck. The complex is along the historic Old Pueblo Trolly line, which runs on weekends between the Historic 4th Avenue and West Gate Business District, serving students at the University of Arizona and neighborhood residents. This line has been extended into Downtown Tucson and is currently being upgraded to become a "Modern Streetcar", which will connect the west side of Tucson with the U of A Medical Center.

    The main structure was largely left untouched, minus some tuck pointing and window replacements. However, the existing 2 story porch along the rear was removed and replaced. Each porch is shared by the adjoining units on each floor. The entry to each unit is from the existing front porch, separate for the first floor units and stair to the second floor. Three 3-bedroom units and one 2-bedroom unit were stitched into the renovated structure. Open kitchens add to the living and entertaining spaces. The existing and new porch preserve views of the Tucson Mountains, Downtown and pedestrian traffic. Skylights were added to better day light the second floor units and foyer. The basement was left untouched.

    Tucson, Arizona
    University Apartments
    6,657 sf
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  • Across University, a new "Modern" Streetcar is being built along this street.
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  • The Built-In Bookshelves were refurbished.
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