«Unique Design Company» Corporate identity

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  • «Unique Design Company» 
    Corporate identity.

    Activity of the company - interior design.
  • Task: 
    Create a corporate identity which will satisfy the requirements of the client.
    The corporate identity should:
    •    Embody the specificity of the business
    •    Send unique idea
    •    Take into account the style «modern classic»
    •    Grayscale
    The solution was to use a non-standard approach, to search for original visual images.
    A decision was to represent the «uniqueness». 

    «Impression of interior» - the slogan, which set the tone for the whole concept.

           « Interior design - this is a melody that creates harmony of subjects, styles and colors in one composition. Designer - as a conductor, manages the space skillfully, turning it into something unique, inimitable and impressive. »
  • Finalist Advertisting Festival «White Square» 2013 (Minsk)