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    produce corrugated cardboard and all types of corrugated packaging.
Logo Design «BalkanPack» 
OBJECTIVE: To develop a logo that would reflect thescope of activities, would contain a unique idea. ACTIVITIES: Production corrugated cardboard and all types of corrugated packaging.
DECISION: The development of character is rather a complicated process. In a small graphic sign should be written a concise idea, which would be unique and could be read in a few seconds. "The idea of interoperability" is a basis of the sign, so I combined into a single object necessary elements for recognition. The company itself is located on the Balkan Peninsula. I studied the terrain, flora and fauna. I took as a basis for a sign a low conifer. Now it was necessary to show activity. The main object of this marketing is cardboard, and the solution was obvious, to make a tree of two flat pieces of cardboard.