• Lumen
    A Burmese, Thai and Latin Type Family
  • Lumen is the product of a year’s study at the University of Reading. It is unique among typefaces in both its scope and its design, taking influence from historic models but equally at home splashed across the pages of contemporary editorial design or set in continuous prose in book design. With its unparalleled support for Burmese, Thai and Latin all conceived together from the outset, Lumen is the first typeface to integrate the three scripts in complementary, stylistic harmony whilst respecting the different heritage of each. It is also fully Unicode compliant, a rarity among Burmese fonts.
     Lumen’s character set and range of styles are rooted in the practical needs of complex and hierarchical typography, such as dictionary, editorial and textbook usage.
     The design process has been a journey into the past to rediscover the vitality of Burmese text, a journey into complexity to figure out how to translate Southeast Asian writing systems into OpenType code, and a journey into the tiniest details of letterforms and spacing to optimise text typography.
     At the same time, Lumen stands for a brighter future for the peoples of Burma and their new opportunities for democracy and international dialogue, in which the worlds of communications, publishing, design and web can support and encourage permanent change.