“TrasporTiAmo” - Italian trucks road safety campaign

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  • This project is an artwork commisioned (to me and other Italian and international artists) by the Italian Ministry of Transports, about safety and social utility of heavy goods vehicles, subsequently installed on a 13,50m long truck. The lorry covered every region of Italy and participated in all the events of the campaign “TrasporTiAmo”.
    The closing day of the IV Campagna per la Sicurezza Stradale took place on Wednesday the 19th of December 2012 at the MAXXI, Museo Nazionale Delle Arti Del XXI Secolo (Rome).
  • The truck with my artwork on it, travelling through Italy.
  • The original drawing (Bic pens, acrylics and marker).
  • A commercial of the campaign, with images of the conference in Rome.
  • The speaker of the press conference.
  • Images of the campaign (my track included) at the TG1, the national newscast.
  • The art work
    The perspective lines of the trailer interior (calculated considering the average man's height, 170cm) are lengthened in depth till they join together, creating a shape that recall a Möbius strip, merging the image of the street, ethernal travel companion of every truck driver, and a synthetic representation of the sea, one of the most common and evocative panoramas of the peninsula.
    This imaginary interior is crowded by fishes and chicks - to give an idea of tranquillity, harmony, safety and protection for the most fragile beings for excellence - fluctuating in a space impossible to define if filled with water or air, thing that creates a further dreamlike atmosphere.
    As usual in my works, I draw the picture with both hands, linking each one to the functional characteristics of the corresponding cerebral hemisphere. So that the black part is drawn with the right hand and corresponds to the left cerebral hemisphere: no proportions, no perspective, a lot of visual detail, rational part home of the ego. The red one is drawn with the left hand (right hemisphere): 3D representation, synthetic, dreamer and creative side.
    See more about this practice, fromalized in "The Self-drawing Brain Project", here:   http://www.be.net/gallery/The-Self-drawing-Brain/923519
  • PHOTO DETAILS of the original art work