THE EXPERIMENTAL CURE - Visual Art In Meditation State

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  • WHAT - Description of the creative process
    This is visual art realised in Vipassana meditation state.
    Vipassana is a very peculiar kind of meditation focusing on the “objectivity of individual perceptions”. The hand, in its exact correspondence with the point of attention of the mind going throughout the body, moves on a waxed zinc plate acting like a seismograph. It creates, then, a sort of map, often discontinuous and deformed, enriched by the endless range of experimentable perception, represented extempore with dashed lines, undulations, vectors, geometrical solids of temperature or expansion/compression, etc. An absolutely subjective and imperfect, changing alphabet that gives a shape to pleasure and pain, to what can be seen only with the eyes closed.
    Immediately after finishing the meditation, the artwork is completed with the anatomical definition of the represented zones, and a short account of happenings preceding the meditation or come during it, presented in form of list, in order to give further information about the changing circumstances influencing (¿or not?) the practice.
    The final work, concretely an etching engraving, is inseparable from the performative act that creates it.
    WHY - Which is the reason for it's relevant in contemporary art research
    The creation of visual art excluding the sense of sight itself drives to a fundamental consideration about art, underlining the paradoxical contradictions existing between the art work creation and its fruition by the audience.
    Also the absence of a deliberate aesthetic purpose by the artist contrasts with the constructed evaluation of the art piece by the observer, whereas the lack of a conventional concept content avoid the public to be emotionally manipulated and the art to be exploited by the capitalistic system.
    Finally, this kind of investigation creates a bridge between Art, Science, Philosophy and Mysticism, being, for contemporary art itself, an experimental cure.
  • The public presentation of the project within the event ZINC SHOWER, "the first meeting-show for entrepreneurs, investors and professionals of the cultural and creative industries (CCI)", in Matadero_Madrid, on April 2013. It contains the teaser of "Fragmentos De Un Proceso", the documentary by Daniel Martínez Sebastian.
    Version with SPANISH SUBTITLES here:
  • Teaser of the documentary about the entire creative process, by Daniel Martinez Sebastian.
    For the SPANISH SUBTITLES version, please click here:

  • ---------------  FRIDAY, MARCH 2 2012 MEDITATION (etching engraving, 40x60cm, framed)  ---------------
    (the same artwork shown in the ZINC SHOWER talk)
  • The paper "floats" in a 6cm-thick black frame with non-glare glass.
  • Some pictures from the photographic reportage about the production of this artwork,
    by Daniel Martínez Sebastian.
  • The coat of wax, before the meditation performance.
  • The meditation performance (in the photographic studio of LENS Escuela de Artes Visuales, Madrid).
  • After the meditation performance, the zinc plate is immersed in the acid.
  • Ink on the corroded plate...
  • ...and the plate under the printing press.

  • --------------  THURSDAY FEBRUARY 23 2012 MEDITATION (etching engraving, 40x60cm)  --------------
    (selected for the XIII Certamen De Grabado Nacional José Caballero)

  • ---------------------  WEDNESDAY APRIL 18 2012 MEDITATION (etching engraving, 40x60cm)  ---------------------
    (its creation was filmed by Daniel Martinez Sebastian)
  • The meditation performance that created this artwork, filmed by Daniel Martínez Sebastian.

  • --------------  SATURDAY 25 FEBRUARY 2012 MEDITATION (etching engraving, 40x60cm)  --------------
    ----------------------  SUNDAY JULY 15 2012 MEDITATION (etching engraving, 40x60cm)  ----------------------

  • ----------------------  TUESDAY MAY 8 2012 MEDITATION (etching engraving, 40x60cm)  ---------------------

  • ------------------  WEDNESDAY APRIL 25 2012 MEDITATION (etching engraving, 40x60cm)  -----------------

  • -----------------------------  WEDNESDAY JUNE 13 2012 (etching engraving, 40x60cm)  ----------------------------

  • --------------------  WEDNESDAY MAY 2 2012 MEDITATION (etching engraving, 40x60cm)  -------------------

  • --------  MONDAY SEPTEMBER 16 2013 THREE MEDITATIONS (etching engraving, 60x80cm)  --------
    (the biggest artwork, three meditations during the same day)