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A holiday beer brewed, packaged and designed by Sincerely Truman as a gift for clients, family and friends.
The Seasoned Traveler :  A Winter Warmer Ale
At Sincerely Truman, we value understanding what makes your story meaningful. We are storytellers, designers, strategists, developers, and craftsmen. We wanted to give our clients and friends a meaningful christmas gift. Each year is a journey and should be celebrated, so the thinking went, what better way then with a delicious brew. We crafted The Seasoned Traveler in the hopes that each person receiving one might be able to take a moment, crack this beer and reflect on the past 365 days of struggle and triumph. Our 2013 was a wild ride .... a story worth telling and we thought our clients might enjoy doing the same. 
The process was long, thorough and we didn't cut any corners. It began with a neighborhood walk led by Eric Steen, ( ). We walked the blocks of NW Portland and found a number of ingredients that would make a tasty holiday ale including; maple, figs and sage. Next we tapped the good folks of Humble Brewing ( )  to take this project from concept to carbonated reality. Humble let us crash the brewery and actually assit in brewing the beer. Most of the time we were just in the way, but we cleaned tanks, selected the hops and dumped in ingredients to get the batch started late one thursday night in October.  With the beer underway it was time to get rolling on the label and packaging experience. The design team jumped on the task and we took over a whiteboard wall. Sketches were made, research was done, interns were given tasks no one else wanted. We examined a ton of bottles, drank a ton of beer (market research), and had a blast. As the design dust settled, we were left with hand numbered labels, a bottle wrap, some stickers, and a stamped, wax seal. The Truman team then returned to Humble Brewing where were spent another long night bottling, caping and boxing 223, twenty-two ounce tall glasses of winter warmer with an alcohol content of 7.8%. The bottles had to sit and carbonate for 3 weeks so we took that time to craft a web experience. Everyone who got  a beer was directed to learn our story and share their story on the site. ( We shot some video and pulled off a great little responsive site in the nick of time. Then it was assembly line time. Truman put together each bottle by labeling, individually numbering, hand dipping, wrapping and stickering all 223, (actually thats a lie, 3 bottles exploded and a few others soldiers were "sampled"). We even included a string to help people break the wax seal, someone thought there weren't enough steps in the process I guess. Each package got a handwritten note and off they went to past clients, prospective clients, friends and generally interesting people of all sorts. To celebrate The Seasoned Traveler launch, we threw a happy hour kegger with some ST on tap. Friends, family and the neighborhood stopped by and a good time was had by all. At 7.8% it was tough to have a bad time.
And onto the credits:
Truman Director Team for unleashing the project : Dustin Evans | Jon Collins | Ken Weigel | Jordan Philips | Scott Davis | Sam Purvis | Kirk Dahlgren
Creative Direction : Jordan Philips
Producer : Tyler Clinton
Story : Jon Collins | Ty Gordon
Label & Packaging Design : Tim Weakland | Todd Quackenbush | Dillon Lawrence | Katie Beasley
Illustration : Robert Perez
Development : Khoa Pham
Web design : Todd Quackenbush | Tim Weakland
Story Video : Prescott Harvey | Kelsey Smith
Background Video : Todd Quackenbush
Set and Photography : Todd Quackenbush
Special thanks:
Humble Brewing (Scott & Chad)
Eric Steen. ( )
And of course anyone I probably forgot who was in a meeting or did something crucial (like Jenn for planning the party or Collen for proofing copy, or Miriam for packaging a hundred boxes or Fran & JB for giving me priceless design feedback  or James who might have touched the backend of this thing or Mort for killing the script and V/O and Kevin for dressing impeccably).... thanks guys!
Starting the beer at Humble Brewing
Process Wall
Bottling at Humble
Final Label with illustration and lettering
Social Impact
Packaging for Delivery