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    Typography treatments for a Blazer themed event at the 135 Gallery.
The 135 Gallery curated an art show to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Portland Trailblazers winning the stumptown's lone sports title, (I know, I know the Timbers have a cup.) The November show was thus titled RipsGiving, in the spirit of the season and the tipoff of the 2016-2017 NBA season. The Gallery curated five choice areas in the space, poured a kegs worth of beer, served up tasty snacks and had a great night. Often times, the most creative projects are born from the freedom that is afforded to internal work, away from client demands and layers of approvals.
I was asked to help create Blazer specific, hand-type phrases that were to be routed into our courtwood tv stand/basketball hoops. What started as a simple engraving soon expanded into a fully cut, back lit, red plex triangular beacon of awesome, shinning out from the corner of the space into the city Park blocks in two directions, and into the show on the remaining side. 
Sketches and concepting
The Crack Shop : making the magic
RipsGiving : party on
Creative Direction: Alex Vera 
Art Direction: Nate Tabor 
Design: Tim Weakland + Brandon Hrycyk
3D element builds: IDL Crack Shop 
Photography: Rachel Vera
Project Management: Sonya Klinger