• For Danis & Tiara Wedding Event. The Rabbit mark inspired from their
    chinese zodiac. and the illustration is telling their 8 years journey. Featuring
    all of the couple's lovely pets: Jacob the Cockatoo, Grey the Cat, Mowgli the Dog, 
    Guppy the Guppy, Hex Torment Anion Kation the Hamsters.  Design Director: Danis Sie / Illustrator: Roby Dwi Antono / Print & Paper: Cottonville
  • Invitation Card
  • Gold Stamped
  • Overall Card
  • Overall Card
  • Debossing Mark
  • Entry & Souvenir Card
  • Entry & Souvenir Tag
  • Direction card
  • Cakebox
  • Cakebox
  • You Cannot Believe Everything You Hear
  • The Important Event Series
  • Do Not Judge by Appearance
  • The end depends on the beginning & Future is uncertain but the end is always near
  • The Origin of Life and Living Matters
  • www.sciencewerk.net