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Basha Market / Broadway
Basha Market on Broadway
Basha Market is an exciting thematic bazaar, the very first thematic bazaar held in Surabaya with highly selected vendors from fashion to food & beverages. Basha Market are building a community where young entrepreneurs can celebrate the beauty of creativity and innovation. Rows of young indonesian entrepreneurs will join together for Basha Market. Sciencewerk conceptualized & designed identity and creative direction for Basha Market’s first event with the very first theme “Broadway”.  Illustration was inspired by the busy and colourful view of Broadway Street, focusing on typographic signages to create a fun, quirky environment within the event. We also created the photo corner where people could take their photographs inside the three dimensional pop up space. The Basha Market project will be continued upon the success drawing over 40.000 visitors for the first event. To set a higher standard,  We will also promote local artist with collaborative & thematic exhibitions as well as education panels to raise awareness of certain topics.
Broadway Asylum
Broadway asylum is a small section within the bazaar to act as a public photobooth dedicated to selfie goers and narcisstic nation with the promoted hashtag #bashamarket. The overall space made up from 3d popup elements on both wall and floor – as well as lit-neonbox as a photo playground for public use.
Detailed Mural
Exit Drawing
Sciencewerk Design
Basha Market / Broadway
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