The Heineken Draught Experience

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  • This is a video recap of the Heineken Draught Experience that took place in Calgary in 2009. Produced at Moment Communications Inc. Inspired by the Canon Rebel commercial that was produced entirely of stills, we tried to expand on this idea of stills-as-video, and came up with this.

    This piece was created using only still images captured on 2 Canon 5D MKII's, edited in Lightroom and then brought into After Effects for further tweaking. I'm working on putting together a little more in-depth look at how I narrowed down from over 8 000 photos, to the final video you see. Also, we shot this all using available light, with no flash/strobes, using the Canon 50mm 1.2 & 85mm 1.2.

    The faux-slow-motion effect is achieved by interpolating the frames between two photos taken back to back at slightly different angles.