McDonald's Canada
My McD's App Promo Campaign
Working with the fine folks at Notch Video in conjunction with McDonald's Canada, I helped to produce a series of video collateral for the launch and rollout of the all-new My McD's mobile app in 2016.

First up was a fun one titled 'McDonald's Milestones' which went through over 50 years of key McD's highlights, culminating with the introduction of the new app.
This lead to the primary app introduction video, which was prominently  featured at 
Additional Campaign Videos:

Additional videos included a 15s Cineplex pre-roll spot, as well as a 40s condensed cutdown of the original app promo, and a 'punchcard promo' that ran a few months after the launch in Alberta.

All videos were produced in both French and English for the Canadian market. 
Making of / Gifs / BTS / Research

I thought it'd be fun to show a transition between all the various logo iterations McDonald's has went through since inception:
Transitioning between 3 different eras of McDonald's architectural style: