The Fall of Takamagahara

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  • The Fall Of Takamagahara

    Takamagahara, the high plain of heaven, a realm in which no oni or any other unholy force has ever dared entering. Good and Evil remained in a stalemate since the very beginning of time. The balance that prevailed throughout the ages is starting to decline. Shinigami, the winged, black army general, has unleashed a direct attack on Sakaki, the tree of the holy spirit, whose roots hold heaven together, breaking once and for all the delicate equilibrium that kept the very fabric of reality safe. Now, the kami,(spirits that inhabit heaven) must defend their sacred lands and re-estabilish this balance. 

    It was inspired by the Holy Bible, shinto myths, El Shaddai: Rise Of The Metatron (check this game out!), Okami, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, Chrono Trigger, Barroque, Rennaisance Art, Hokusai, Sumi-e, Ukyio-e.

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