This is the Mechopolis Series so far. It's a personal project in which I wanted to create a series of illustrations featuring R.O.B, a robot who wakes up in the middle of a strange city called Mechopolis. Missing his identity and not knowing where he's from or where to go, he starts a quest for his ID tape, being secretly chased by The Junktown Mercs, a mysterious group that, according to the myth, has hidden ties with the leader of the part-selling market, MechCo. . Many say that they're partners in the rare parts smuggling business and are responsible for the ever increasing number of missing robots in Mechopolis.

This series is not finished, I'm planning on doing some more R.O.B based illustrations in the future, but let's see how it turns out.
Mechopolis: Enter Junktown
Mechopolis: The Steel Heart