The Abyss

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  • The Abyss at Time Warp Mannheim 2013 © Black Boxes
  • The Abyss
    Time Warp Stage Design 2013
    The Abyss is a light & video concept by Dub Video Connection, first shown at Time Warp Mannheim 2013. It is based on the perspectival videoprojection and takes you deep inside the third dimension. Its key element is a huge holofoil framed by an exoskeletton of versatubes and movingheads. As every element is decreasing towards an imaginary vanishing point, the illusion of deepness will be perfect and visitors can't wait to get lost in.
    Concept: Dub Video Connection
    Production: Time Warp
    Tech. specs.:
    - Visual projected on 72sqm Translucent projection canvas
    - Framed by 350m of Versatubes
  • Conception and build-up of The Abyss © Dub Video Connection
  • The Abyss in action © Dub Video Connection