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    Time Warp Stage Design 2012
The Cave at Time Warp Italy 2012 © photo-company.nl
The Cave
Time Warp Stage Design 2012

The Cave is a full-floor design concept which was modelled in shape and form by an arctic ice cave. The basic idea was to concipate a floor design which features a massive load of technical but not making it obvious for the visitor. Another aspect behind creating The Cave was to put visitors focus away from the mainstage and give the impression of a full floor concept merging the borders between stage and the rest of the floor.
The Cave debuted at Time Warp Mannheim on 31st of March 2012 and was also part of the Time Warp editions in Milan and Utrecht. 
Production: Time Warp
Tech. specs.:
520 spotlights
- Controlled by more than 6.000 parameters
- Routed through 12 DMX universes.
See The Cave in action at Time Warp Holland ©Time Warp
See more impressions of The Cave below ©Atelier Kontrast