Telemedicine in India - Ethnographic research

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  • Telemedicine In India
    Ethnographic Research project

  • Objective of the research was to analyze the current Telemedicine scenario and identify areas where Design Intervension was required. Our research showed us that though the main idea behind Telemedicne was to increase the acessibility of Health Care to Rural India, it has not yet reached the grass root levels. The major cause were identified as the lack of reach of Technology, Connectivity, initial investment and absence of standards and guidelines. Keeping these issues in mind a model hasbeen proposed which focuses on increasing the reach & accessibility of Telemedicine in Rural areas.

  • Design Report and Concepts for urban sectors 
  • Design Concept:

    Anganwadi are child care and mother care centres set up in all villages. By making use of the existing facilities of Anganwadi and expertise of the Anganwadi workers, telemedicine can be made accessible at the grass root level. A simple Telemedicine Kiosk can be installed in the Anganwadi Centres. The Kiosk connects the patient to the doctors in the Primary Health care centres and district hospitals. Thus the patient can avail health care services at their door step. 
  • Telemedicine Research and Final Concept Proposal - Telemedicine Kiosks in Anganwadi Centres
  • Design Concept: To Set up Telemedicine Kiosk at Anganwadi Centre. The Anganwadi staff who are already trained in providing basic health care- would assist the patient in operating the Kiosk.