• Sushi brand shows a fusion oftraditional Japan with a restaurant style more informal. Japanese theater or Kabuki, origami, illustration, kimonos, lanterns carried with sticks, sushi... this has been our inspiration in Modik.

    Corporate identity general idea raised out of context images reminiscent of Japan's traditional style and carries the elements necessary to constitute a complete brand for the Sushi Bar, a place where you can eat Asian food without formality or directly take it away home.

    The elements that make up the brand of Suhi Bar are, by function:
    · Letter menu, inspired by Paipai
    · Mats cloud, alluding to Japanese Art
    · Kimonos for sticks made ​​by origami
    · Hosomaki style napkins, three different small colored napkins
    · Cards lantern composed of two intersecting planes forming a three-dimensional card
    · Posters advertising various types of house specialties
    · Packaging with kabuki mask