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The Valencian Tourism Office commissioned nueve estudio the development of the campaign promoting the new law for Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality of the Valencian Community. Nueve Estudio contacted Modik for video editing and the animation, Modik trusted Jaime Hayde to create the graphics, we worked together studying the shapes and elements the campaign shows nine points that makes the Valencian community a perfect place to go. For the illustrations we chose some landscapes from each area and some typical products and all kind of people. Nueve studio developed some products such as: posters, brochures and microsite.

La Agencia Valenciana de turismo, encargó a Nueve Estudio el desarrollo de la campaña de presentación del Anteproyecto de Ley de turismo, ocio y hospitalidad de la Comunitat Valenciana. Nueve Estudio contactó con Modik para desarrollar las animaciones del proyecto y la edición del video y Modik confió en Jaime Hayde para el desarrollo de los gráficos. La campaña expone nueve puntos que hacen de la comunidad Valenciana un destino turístico formidable. Para el desarrollo de las ilustraciones se seleccionaron algunos enclaves típicos de las diferentes provincias, así como productos típicos y diferentes perfiles de personas. Nueve estudio, desarrolló diferentes aplicaciones, como posters, trípticos y microsite.

Motion 2D:
Agency: Nueve Estudio

Illustrations: Jaime Hayde
The characters are simple but they work well with the project. Jaime Hayde
Creating simple and recognizable graphics was a complete challenge, I feel that some natural elements, give live to the graphic
These are some landscapes from Comunitat Valenciana
This is the process and how I construct the object.
Some ideas were more difficult to explain and we had to stay focus on the concept. Initially the human characters were thought to be more complex, but the "time factor" gave us the opportunity to keep simple.
Colour Palette, the idea was using the same colours in all the video and some key colours for each point.
Here are some examples of the final illustrations
Online services
Tourist Guide
Oranges, typical fruit from the community
Information at the tourist office
Visiting the mountains
Tourism for everyone
Palmeral de Elche
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Graphics & Motion for Ley de Turismo CV

Graphics & Motion for Ley de Turismo CV

Motion graphics for Ley turismo


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