Surrealist Film Festival - Shortfilm+Visual Identity

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  • //THE LOGO
    This is a test for the making of a teaser for the Surrealist Film Festival (project for my final dissertation at NABA).
    It's also a little homage to Canada (, that inspired me.
    This is the teaser for the first edition of the Surrealist Film Festival.
    The short-film will be available soon.
    //this work is part of my Final Dissertation project at Naba - Milano.
  • Poster for the second phase of the promotion of the Festival

    Here you'll find the full program of the Surreal Film Festival, with the various shortfilm and longfilm projected during different hours and location of the day.
  • Here you can see the 4 different kinds of ticket available  during the Surreal Film Festival.
    • Single Ticket
    • Daily Ticket
    • Multyday Ticket
    • Full Festival Ticket
    Separe, a separation/division between one dimension to another, between reality and fiction, and vice versa.
    Use {Headphones}
    Art Direction/Regia/Montaggio: Nivi Jasa
    Direzione della Fotografia e Produzione: STUDIOSMOG
    Sound Design: Emre Baloğlu e Daniele Iannacone
    Make Up & Hair Stylist: Roberta Meola
    Attrice: Giorgia Mocilnik