◊ Übermensch - Write you own destiny ◊
The brief we were given was to create three limited edition t shirts for the streetwear brand 55DSL on the theme "21 12 2012, how will you face the end?". We also had to design the packaging and the artwork of a CD produced by Nabasound, that would have been sold with the tees. 
After a long brainstorming we decided for a phisolophical approach to the matter, using the concept of the mask:
Using a mask is a way to show a reality hiding another one, generating an irresistible pulse to see what's hiding underneath. Masks were used by ancient cultures to get in touch with Gods, in the new era starting on 21 December 2012 we want people to use masks as a tool of auto-realization, as a way to choose what they want to be in this new age, as the final step towards the Übermensch. 
Our project rises from a philosophical concept that can be declined in everyday life. Übermensch is the one who writes his own destiny, freeing himself from society's web of opportunist relationships, superficial moralism and homologation.
In the end, on the t shirts will figure three masks, each one representing a different human attitude:
Jaguar (instinct)
Owl (rationality)
Deer (creativity)
brainstorming - developing the concept
Jaguar graphic
Owl graphic
Deer graphic
custom t shirt tag
CD artwork
teaser video
Second proposal:
matching client's feedback
Jaguar graphic
Owl graphic
Deer graphic
Final product
complete of t shirt, CD, tag and packaging
opened pack
t shirts detail
CD detail
Thanks for viewing!
We thank NABA and 55DSL for the realization of this project. Stay Ubermensch!